We’re looking for authors to write articles for BlackandGold.

5 Great Reasons To Become A BlackandGold Author

1. Inspire others:
They say two minds are better than one. Well, what about thousands of minds? No problem is unique. If your writing helps a business owner to solve problems, rethink the way they work, or generate new ideas; you could end up inspiring others to share their work too.

2. Best way to learn:
As you write, your ideas develop, your understanding deepens, and your knowledge becomes a part of your mindset. The writing process is often more rewarding than completing the finished article.

3. Get recognition:
Ask yourself, who do I aspire to be like? Do they share their knowledge? We’re betting they do! It’s the best way to get yourself recognized in the community and be identified as a valuable expert in your field.

4. Expand your business network:
Every author gets a bio section, with their photo, at the bottom of their article. This makes it easier for you to reach and meet others who can help you grow professionally.

5. Be heard and get paid for it:
Work with us and we’ll support you to make your writing the best it can be.  Go on, show people what you’re passionate about! Each chosen article will receive up to $25 per submission.

Types of articles we're looking for
  • Unique business problems you’ve faced and how you’ve solved
  • Articles on black entrepreneurship
  • Tips and tricks as related to building a business
  • Strategies on building wealth
  • Video content

This list is not exclusive if you’ve got a topic idea that you’re excited about then let us know. 

How to get Started

To get started, you can send us an outline of your article concept below.

Your outline should include: your topic, purpose of your article, proposed title, who your audience is, ordered subtopics and bullet-pointed lists expanding on subtopics.

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